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A FREE 5-day online event where we can honor the loved ones we miss and gain support in ways that help us feel safe and feel seen.


Hear from our host about what to expect!

Grieving is what happens as we adapt to the fact that our loved one is gone and how we carry the absence of them with us.

TRUTH: Grief doesn't magically end at a certain point after a loved one's death.
DARE: Find the courage to go through this experience of grief. Don't rush it. Don't avoid it.
TRUTH: Grief requires more energy to work through than most people expect.
DARE: Accept that grief is normal, and practice compassion with yourself and also with others.
TRUTH: Effective grief work is not done alone. 
DARE: Find a support system that WORKS for YOU. Then DO THE WORK - together!

The pain of loss can feel overwhelming, but there are healthy ways to cope with your grief and learn to heal.

Grieving is hard, and it's even harder when it feels like...

What if it was possible to...

The Gone Too Soon Retreat is where you can honor the loved ones you miss and gain support in ways that help you feel seen and feel safe.



Day 1: Good Grief

Monday, September 19th

The only wrong way to grieve is to not grieve at all.

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Dr. Mekel Harris

Licensed Psychologist
How Long Does It
Really Take to Grieve?

Sharon Brubaker Headshot Mini Session-19

Sharon Brubaker, GS

& Erica Horne

Grief Specialists
The Hidden Cost Of Grief


Kevin Carter, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Foundations Of Support
For Grieving Children

Katie square shot

Katie Rössler, LPC

Transformative Grief Guide 
& Licensed Counselor
How Grief Impacts Introverts


Geneva Livingstone

Mental Fitness Coach For Grievers
Safe Conversations
For A Grieving Heart!


Oceana Sawyer

End of Life Doula & Grief Guide
Your Grief Toy Box

Day 2: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Tuesday, September 20th

There are things that death cannot touch.

Loryn Wellman Promo Picture

Loryn Denise

Grief Podcast Host & Advocate
How To Overcome Seasonal Grief


Charlene Lam

Grief Coach & Curator
Capturing Memories Curating Grief


Joi Renique

Life Story Coach
No Shortage Of Memories


Eleanor Ward

Certified Life Strategies
& Grief Coach
Grief At Different Life Stages

Headshot_Diana Wayne

Diana Hernandez Wayne

Life & Loss Empowerment Coach
She Was MORE Than Her Death


Sarah L Smith

Imperfect Mother 
& Self-Confidence Coach
Grieve Without Regret

Day 3: Re-Storying Grief

Wednesday, September 21st

Creating new meaning from old narratives.

Jasmine Stromberg Headshot_Gone too Soon Retreat

Dr. Jasmine Stromberg

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life & Success Coach
Happiness Is A State Of Mind

Naomi // 2021 Portraits

Naomi Yano, MSc, RP

 Registered Psychotherapist
How Your Brain Affects Your Grief

Best Portrait_E0807sq 600x600

Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Life Transformation Coach
Healing Through Grief Dreams

_MG_1557 2(1)

Christopher Adell

Mental Health Counselor
Epigenetics: Grief Impacts DNA


Dr. Michele Mariscal

Grief Recovery Method Specialist
The Urban Myth Of Grief Stages


Erin Hodgson

Psychic Medium,
Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Healer
Making Meaningful Connections

Day 4: Life is for the Living

Thursday, September 22nd

Who are you without your grief?


Felicia McDonald

Chandler & Small Business Owner
How Aromatherapy
Promotes Healing And Self-Care

655CCBEA-0B77-47B1-B14E-CCD44455B33F (1)

Kelli Nielsen

Grief Guru
The Grief Relief Process


Judy Thureson

Grief Recovery Specialist
Navigating Triggers During Grief

Pic 1

Samantha D. Liberal

The Friendship Enthusiast 
How To Support A Grieving Friend


Erin Browning

Breathwork Facilitator
& Health Counselor
Grief Is The Emotion Of The Lungs

Headshot 2

John Polo

Coach, Author & Speaker
Love After Loss

Day 5: Until We Meet Again

Friday, September 23rd

Healing is not forgetting...


Furelise Smith

Published Author
The Power
Of Letter Writing


Lyndonia Jane

Phytotherapy Consultant
The Science
of Self-Care


Joi Renique

Celebrate Legacy Founder
Journal To Heal. Journal To Honor.


Meet Your Host

My name is Joi Renique and I am extremely honored to have created an event that will help provide resources to those who are grieving.

I am a black millennial mom, wife, social worker and entrepreneur. 

In 2004, I lost my 15 year old sister and in 2009, I lost my grandfather  who was more like a father figure to me. Although I have lost other close family members and friends, these specific deaths had the greatest impact and I will carry this grief with me for the rest of my life. Carrying grief doesn't mean I am always sad or even angry - though I do feel this way at times. To me, it means, I will always miss them and wish they were here at every new milestone as they were before. What has helped me the most has been capturing memories through storytelling and living life to the fullest.

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die - Thomas Campbell

During the Gone Too Soon Retreat, join me and 20+ experts to honor the loved ones you miss and gain support in ways that help you feel safe and feel seen.

I am the founder of Celebrate Legacy - a journal for life’s experiences to share with loved ones and future generations.


In my work as a life story coach and with my company Celebrate Legacy, I help those who are grieving use the power of journaling to document their life experiences in real time as well as find ways to celebrate those that they have lost.

The Details


The Gone Too Soon Retreat is Monday, September 19th until Friday, September 23rd with instructional videos and interactive events to choose from each day.


The Gone Too Soon Retreat is completely online! We also understand that grief is complicated. So, we encourage you to watch  from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you feel safe to process your raw emotions.


Most presentations will last 15-20 minutes and include reminders of key take-aways and how to take action if you are ready. You and many others who are grieving will have free access to each video for 24 hours.

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You'll have access to a private Facebook group where you can reflect and ask questions, be awarded with gifts, chat with the speakers, and connect with others who are also in the process of grieving their person(s).


We are dedicated to helping you to honor the loved one(s) you miss in a way that you can appreciate. Take notice of any mention of the Celebrate Legacy Journal Club which will be explained little by little throughout the event.

On the final day, one unsuspecting (and engaged!) attendee will win a full scholarship and have instant access to all the legacy building prompts, programs and promotions designed to help capture life's experiences in a way that can live forever through storytelling.

Stay tuned for details and how you can apply!

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Legacy Level All-Access Pass

After registering, you can upgrade your ticket to gain access to the All-Access Pass which provides permanent access to each video.

Since the resources  are only free for a 24 hour period, this gives you the opportunity to watch at your own pace and refer back to the workshops at a time that feels right for you.

Legacy Level also includes transcripts of the presentations, a full workbook, $1k+ in premium bonuses from our speakers, access to our journal club and much more.

When you are grieving, help and hope can be hard to come by.

Know that you are the expert in your grieving process, even if you don't feel like you are.

The Gone Too Soon Retreat is where you can surround yourself with people who get it with the support of professionals who can help guide you to this truth.

Our Mission for the Gone Too Soon Retreat is for you to feel safe and seen as you celebrate the legacy of your loved one who is gone but not forgotten.


Feeling safe means having a sense of control of yourself and your environment.

This Virtual Retreat allows you to relax, reflect, recharge and interact on your own terms.

Feeling seen by others is a basic human need. For everyone else it seems that life goes on... but we know that when you lose your person, life will never be the same.

This Retreat is our way of saying; "We See You."

Legacy exists as long as there is someone around who remembers.

We honor our loved ones by remembering their uniqueness and celebrating the never ending connection we have with them.

Think of this Virtual Retreat as a gift set for healing.

If you're thinking…

"I'm not sure if this is right for me."

The only cure for grief is action. - George Henry Lewes

This Retreat offers tips, tools and other resources designed to help you cope and stay connected to the person you have lost. Celebrate Legacy has invited 20+ experts whose focus is grief and mental health. We are ready to lend our support so you don't have to figure it out on your own!

"I may get used to it, but I will never get over it."

Grief is just love with no place to go. - Jamie Anderson

We honor the loved ones we miss by keeping their memory alive - whether it's talking about them, telling their stories or doing something they loved to do - even if that just means taking care of YOU!

"I'm just not ready."

Some things cannot be fixed. They can only be carried. - Megan Devine.

If you have made it to this line of the registration page, it means there is a small part of you that wants support. Trust yourself and allow this community to help you carry the load of grief.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Gone Too Soon Virtual Retreat is like a gift that keeps on giving!

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